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Clear records about recently opened files of various programs...

NVT Internet Privacy Cleaner

it is a fast and powerful utility to remove user's activities on their Computer.

Advanced Privacy Cleaner

This program lets you delete files, Internet history, cookies and more.

Evidence Washer

Remove all traces of your Internet and System activity

Internet Cleaning Tool

internet cleaning tool is an easy to use and feature rich system cleaner that helps you to erase int

Vanga Rengi Mangaro

Patch for Windows to use Filesystem Dialogs instead of default file dialogs.


Win32pad is a small, compact and powerful text editing software.


LCleaner is a FREE tool to free up space from temporary files and clean registry

Window Cleanser

Window Cleanser enhances your PC performance and protects your privacy.

MMH Cleaner

MMH Cleaner helps the user to selectively flush all the unnecessary junk files

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