Related Windows Programs


Choosing Pidgin as messenger has an advantages on those who uses different IMs.

Bonjour SDK

With Bonjour SDK you can create applications using built-in network.


The CyTVClient is basicaly a port of the CyTV for Mac OS X project.

SIP Communicator

SIP Communicator - the Java VoIP and Instant Messaging client.

Snatch Server

Snatch Server is an incredible app for controlling your PC with your iPhone.


An open-source and cross-platform file manager.

Zeroconf Explorer

By using STG's Zeroconf Neighborhood Explorer, you'll see Bonjour-advertised.

Remote Helper

Remote Helper is a client for the Remote HD iPhone app.

ShelfServer for BookShelf

ShelfServer is a Java application that uses Apple's Bonjour / ZeroConf API's.

Bonjour Print Services

It allows you to configure Bonjour-enabled printers using Bonjour Printer Wizard

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