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Hit Justin Bieber

Throw bottles and other objects at the teenage idol Justin Bieber.

Elf Bowling 7 - The Last Insult

Enjoy a great fun bowling story and help Santa to win a bet.

Mouse Throwing

Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces.

Basketball Magic

Basketball Magic is a free flash game where you perform flying dunks.

Fruit Twirls

Fruit Twirls is a cute puzzle game, colorful with peaceful and pleasant music.

Betway.com Poker

A unique and interesting game that helps you earn some money and also to relax in your free time.

Christmas Gifts

It is a game about helping Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses.

Cow Tossing

The goal of this game is to toss a cow exactly into the middle of the meadow.

3D Beer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster

3D Beer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster is a shareware games pack for Windows.

Darts CLUB

Darts CLUB is a full-featured product for serious darts enthusiasts.

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