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Pronunciation Patterns

Pronunciation Patterns is a smart and reliable program that helps you learn and Improve American Eng


A simple timer application for Windows that helps remind when a set time is up.

Ragnarok Online

It is a free MMORPG game that takes place in the land of Midgard.

Accent Composer

Accent Composer simplifies the process of entering accented

Asterisk Key

This simple tool will help you see the passwords hidden by asterisks.

Zelda Classic

Zelda Classic is an amazing game, only for those that truly love real classics.

PS Password Keeper

It keeps your password and username with description in encrypted database files

Alarm Me

Schedule any event and be punctual with this small and free reminder program.

Picture Lines

The Lines game with new game idea and original interface.

Puzzle Games - Aladdin

Puzzle Games - Aladdin arrives to the market thanks to 5-games.com.

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