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Pinnacle TVCenter Pro

TVCenter Pro is a fully featured TV viewing and PVR application for

Ots CD Scratch 1200

Ots does electronic turntable and mixing effects with emulated turntable effects

Animated Banner Maker for GIF

Animated Banner Maker is a banner design tool that saves output files as GIF.

Snowflake Express 5

A simulation poker or virtual slot machine game with a snow theme.

Crazy Fruit 5

A simulation of poker or slot machine with a fruit theme.


Ever wanted to have an ever changing picture on your desktop .

Arendi Outlook® Cleanup

With the Outlook Cleanup it is easy to reformat any phone or fax


Serial E-Mails with support of MS Access database and txt template files

URL Decode Filenames

This simple and easy-to-use tool finds and decodes URL filenames on your PC.


It incorporates custom skill books, repeatable quests and weapon upgrades.

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