Related Windows Programs

Drunken Obama

It looks like the pressure of the 2012 election has gotten to President Obama.

The Political Machine

Strategy game that simulates the 2008 Presidential elections in the U.S.

Bible Code Oracle

A program for searching word matches in the Bible text.

Elections Toolbar

Elections Toolbar provides information about the 2008 USA Presidential Election.

PHREEQC for Windows

It was developed to facilitate the creation of PHREEQC input files.


ergonomic image viewer

ShaderMap Pro

Convert photographic textures to height,ambient occlusion, normal, and specular.


It is actually a toolbar for special type of Open/Save dialog boxes.


CyberShredder is a tool that allows you to permanently erase files.

AceReader Pro Deluxe

The primary purpose of AceReader is to improve and assess reading skills.

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