Related Windows Programs

BMS Business Music System

It plays music, announcements and advertisements in your store or workplace.


RCKRtty is a comprehensive program for logging and administration.

CBS 2010 Announcer

It works by selecting a route in the tool and helps you when running the game.

BSE Xplorer

Your view to real-time Announcements and Notices from Bombay Stoch Exchange.

Matrix Mic

You can broadcast announcements to multiple sets of PC connected speakers.

MWAPT Toolbar

You can have direct acces to you facebook account and Mafia Wars game.


It is a free software for projecting Bible Verses, Songs and Announcements.

FS Cabin Crew

FS Cabin Crew is a module for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Ultimate Airline Crew

It is an app that will add cabin and cockpit crew for your flights.

Recordpad Sound Recorder

RecordPad is a simple sound recording program for Windows.

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