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IQBroker is an advanced yet easy to use automated trading platform.

Math Strategies - Primary

Is a software program designed to support students in acquiring ...

RoyalDoyle Blackjack

Is an all encompassing, professional grade blackjack application.

Stock Predictor

Stock charting and investment strategy performance analysis software.

Proficient Blackjack

Blackjack simulator for practice, strategy generation, edge and probabilities


SudoKoach is a program that solves and generates Sudoku puzzles.

Small Business Consultant

Small Business Consultant - Start Your Own Small Business Consulting Firm

Business Turnaround Expert

Business Turnaround Expert - Recession Fighting Small Business Software

The Political Machine

Strategy game that simulates the 2008 Presidential elections in the U.S.

Bits and Bytes - Lesson

First lesson of the Bits & Bytes collection about Problem Solving and technology

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