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Glass Toasts

Glass Toasts will enhance the look of the balloon notifications.

Virtual Magnifying Glass

A digitalmagnifying class to help you view the screen in detail.

Lemonade Stand

Run a virtual lemonade stand! - See how much money you can make while you learn.

Glass Window

Program to make transparent any windows and programs in Windows

Panel Builder

Panel Builder will draw glass block panels for windowopenings or walls based on the dimensions you s

Stained Glass

Match the colors of neighboring pieces to recreate a pretty pattern.


Simple Aero Glass the beautiful new visual style.

Window Glass Design 5

Window Glass Design 5 performs all required calculations to design window glass

PLUS Glass Quote

PLUS Glass Quote is a software for making glass windows quotations.

Hoya Color Filter Simulator

It simulates the obtain results of what filter glass transmits for any thickness

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