Related Windows Programs

Sensor Explorer

Sensor Explorer gives quick and easy access to the sensor's rich feature set.


It is used for the exact position estimation of a towed body, sensor.

TWRacing Smart Sensor Tester

Test any sensor that requires 5 volt or 12 volt to power up .


SENSOR LINE wants to introduce fiber optic sensor technology in traffic.

Media Audio Capture

Play and resample audio from one format to another.


Dicktator is a engine management software required for Dicktator components.

5000-EX PCTool

Bird Model 5000-EX Digital Power Meter is very easy to operate.

D-i sensor

Convert your Web cam device in a sensor motion with D-i sensor application.

EasyBloom Companion

The EasyBloom Companion connects your plant sensor to the EasyBloom website.

Aptina Imaging DevSuite

It is designed for testing the Aptina power sensors demo kits.

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