Related Windows Programs

PDF reDirect

PDF reDirect allows converting any printable files to PDF documents.

Mail Redirect extension for Thunderbird

Mail Redirect allows you to redirect mails to other people.


FreeCap is a program for transparency redirect connections.

Remote Administrator Control Client

Manage and control remote computers from anywhere.


Capture MS-DOS Print Job and Redirect it to USB printer, GDI, Network printer

USB for Remote Desktop (Server)

USB for Remote Desktop allows you to redirect all the USB devices plugged in.

StreamText Connector

The connector is a tool that allows you to transmit text to StreamText servers.

USB Redirector RDP Edition

It allows you to redirect USB devices to the remote computer.

Acoustic Bridge

Gives you the power to redirect audio from one PC to the speakers of another PC

Connection Booster

Configure any modem, ADSL, Cable, DSL & LAN connections for maximum performance

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