Related Windows Programs


1C Company's accounting and ERP software most popular in Russia


HippoDraw provides a highly interactive data analysis environment.

Comtarsia Logon Client 2006

OpenLDAP, IBM Directory Server, IBM z/OS SecureWay (RACF)

OpenRTM-aist-1.0.0 for Visual C++ 2008

OpenRTM-aist is a software platform to develop the robotic system.


Shotwell is a digital photo organizer that runs on Windows

Wascana C/C++ IDE for Windows

Wascana is based on the MinGW (Minimal Gnu for Windows) gcc and g++ compilers.

Visual BCD

isual BCD Editor is an advanced GUI version of Windows bcdedit utility.

Zero Install

Zero Install is a decentralised cross-distribution apps installation system.


It's a novel computational program for the Prediction of Calpain Cleavage Sites.

Recover Data for Linux

Linux Data Recovery Software to recover linux files and salvage linux data

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