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Thursday Night Poker

Play dealers choice poker against 6 animated characters

MB Free Burmese Astrology

An advanced yet handy software based on the principles of Burmese Astrology.


This program works out the calendar for any year and month. Quite


A free personal agenda to help you remember all your important events.

Emjysoft Sudoku

Sudoku lets you learn the rules of Sudoku the game to adapt to the user level.


All games are played using Friends Bingo's very own currency - FunBucks.

Planet Poker

Planet Poker is the world's first and most trusted online cardroom.

Child Protector Pro

A program that will help users to restrict access to their computer.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Wing Commander Secret Ops was a experiment in episodic internet distribution

Baseball Browser Theme

Bring the Ballpark to Your Internet For Theme Thursday!

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