Related Windows Programs

Geometry Blueprint

Real Model Driven Development through code generation templates.

VJamm Blueprint

An intutive yet powerful video improvisation tool, designed with live performance in mind.

Blueprint for Outlook Enterprise Edition

It allows you to automatically print just the first page of every message .

Niche Blueprints

Details of the Blueprints are only available from within the Blueprint software.

NFSNation Undercover Save Editor

NFSNation Undercover Save Editor edits the saved games of NFS Undercover.

BluePrint-PCB™ Viewer

Enables easy sharing, distribution, and storage of PCB Release Package details.


Traceability of every joint, weld ,and any other element involved in the project

Innovative Structural Design Tool

A program that allows to create and analyze residential designs.


An integrated desktop platform for discovery, design, configuration and quoting.


It is a visual railway editor with the ability to export created routes.

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