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StatAssist displays graphs and related properties of more than 40 probability distributions. It calc


CAPE-OPEN standards for interfacing process modeling software components.


Bulk SMS Solution : Forward SMS to a single person or to group.


Assists in estimating the friction losses developed in a uniform pipe or conduit

Uniform 2000

Configures and monitors Elster Instromet's range of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters.


Stella4D includes four-dimensional polytopes, known as polychora.

AgWare ClickFORMS

AgWare ClickFORMS is a rural appraisal report generator.

The Non-Uniform Lung

The Non-Uniform Lung - a model for studying gas exchange.

Velocity Selector

A region in which there is a uniform electric field and a uniform magnetic field

Test Validation & Analysis Program

It's designed to help professional to aid on developping written tests.

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