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HDDLife Pro can read the signs given by SSD disks.

SanDisk SSD Toolkit

SSD Toolkit helps SanDisk SSD users maintain peak performance of their SSDs.

HDDlife Pro

HDDlife Pro - Protect Yourself from Hard Drive Failure.

O&O SSD Migration Kit

The program enables easy and convenient migration of your partitions.

HDDlife for Notebooks

HDDLlife is a hard drive monitor that gives users warning disk failure.


TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert supervises the Disk Drive operating status

SteelSmart Deck

Aimed at a full automation of the process of deck system design.

Diskeeper Home

This dependable application will help you defragment your hard-disk.

Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool

This HDD Low Level Format utility helps erase hard drive disks.

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio

make photos & audio files into screensavers

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