Related Windows Programs

Siteco Lighting Tool

It enables you to select products and send them to RELUX and DIALUX.


smile-in is a face recognition logon tool for Windows

IncrediMail Xe

This incredible email program has all the facilities to make your day!

File Smile

File Smile 4.0 is file manager with great functionality.


Photodontics is a dental image management system based on ThumbsPlus.

7art Waterfalls

There are magical trees near the waterfall. The Cheshire Cat lives here.

Common Assembly Language for Microprocessor

CALM is an assembly language integrated in Smile NG software.

Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper

Let It Snow Animated Wallpaper will bring some Christmas fun to you desktop.

ColorMunki Smile

It makes sure your computer screen to display the correct colors.


You will teach the blind typing method with pleasure and fun!

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