Related Windows Programs

Card Reader

Card Reader allows you to use Palm handhelds as an ordinary USB or Bluetooth card reader


JetShell is the program manager for iAudio players.

Alitronika DvsStation 2

DvsStation -An Integrated TS player, Recorder and analyzer.

Export to DSC-T2

Download a tool that can export media files to DSC-T2.


In the T2 Limited versions the Client Data Base can only be configured.

BIS Titration SimulatOR

BIS Titration SimulatOR was created to explore BIS-guided anesthesia titration.

BIS Standards Softcopy Viewer

Enable Acrobat PDF reader to open and interact with BIS Standards document.


It is an add-on to view Lyriks (a mix of Lyrics and Karaoke) in your player.

OFAC Analyzer

Checks your Database against the Latest OFAC and Other Government Lists.

Bayalink Liberty

The software communicates between your handheld and the Liberty key.

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