Related Windows Programs

MSR Strider URL Tracer

The URL Tracer is a tool that enables users to investigate third-party domains.

Typo Buzz

Typo Buzz is a typo generator Software that will help boost Your SEO Campaigns!

OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery

Recover lost or forgotten passwords to spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.

OpenOffice Password Recovery

Recover any password and remove all protection in any OpenOffice document.


TinyDump is a logparser. The goal is not to be omnipotent but to be easy to use.


flashcard-like quizzing application for learning words


This utility scans and finds errors in the Windows registry.

SadMan Software: XChange

Let XChange restore the backup files it created for you. Easy and reliable.

GRTSoft Data Recovery

GRTSoft Data Recovery can restore files lost due to corruption or formatting.

Xtreme Typo Generator

It is a software that generates the keywords which are mistyped or misspelled.

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