Related Windows Programs

Report Genie

Easy database reporting to Excel, with scheduling


It is a free program that stores information in a single text-based INI file

Web ActivityMaker

Creates ready-for-the-web vocabulary puzzles, study guides, and quizzes.


It is a tool for emailing weather data images to different servers.


StickyPad is a free application that allows you to create notes and reminders.

Photo Frame Maker

Photo Frame Maker is an easy application for adding frames to user photographs.

Copernic 2001 Basic

Copernic: application for searching the web using 90 search engines at once

OBD2 TekLink

This software allows you to upgrade your Code Reader via the Internet.

Remote Helpdesk

Remote Helpdesk is a program that allows you to provide support to customers.


It keeps you up to date with what’s going on in the world.

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