Related Windows Programs

Chess Mentor®

Allows you to understand the tactical and strategic themes more deeply.

The Rename Program

Marc needed some software to rename thousands of files.

Mercury Z39.50 Client

Export to MARC and XML using custom XSL Transformations.


It is a program for simultaneously searching and downloading MARC records.

Book Librarian Plus

A comprehensive and professional media cataloging tool with Z39.50 support.


SmartMARC is a cross platform , industry-standard cataloging tool.

Systems Planning MARCView

MARCView is the easiest way to view, search, and print ANSI/ISO records.

MARC Magician Professional 2011

automatically corrects dozens of MARC errors, provides a powerful array

MARC Report

MARC Report is quality control software for MARC data.

BibDataZu Z39.50 Client

BibDataZU Z39.50 Client program lets you search Z39.50 databases.

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