Related Windows Programs

Screen Protractor

Screen Protractor give you pixel perfect measurement of any angle on your screen.

Screen Calipers ProScope Edition

The Screen Calipers are the unique on-screen measurement tool.


The ATB PC Pro Measuring system is a professional Audio Analyser.

Screen Compass

Measure circular or polygonal areas on your screen with the draftsman's tool.


Measure distances and angles on the screen and distances on a map

MusicLab DrumTools Performance Designer Demo

VSTi drum tool allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure drum performances

E SurveyLisps

All the lisps and macros considered the needs of Civil and Surveying Industry.


With Measure by RFMS your sales activities become timelier and more relevant.

PSP VintageMeter

VintageMeter is a professional volume unit (VU) and a Peak Program Meter(PPM)


Ssoftware for visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data.

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