Related Windows Programs

Spyware Terminator

This program is a spyware prevention and removal tool.

BPS SpyWare and Adware Remover

Scan and Remove Spyware / adware Components from your system safely


It would inform the user about any wanted/unwanted software being added.

Spyware Firewall

Block spyware before it reaches your computer not afterwards.

Spyware Seizer

Effectively remove spyware, adware, worms and other threats to your system.

Spyware Annihilator Pro

Finds & removes the spyware & adware from your PC.

Spyware Seizer 2007

Remove Spyware from your PC and Stop malware before it gets on to your computer

Spyware Cleaner 2009

Spyware Cleaner 2009 is designed to remove over 100,000 threats


Clean your PC of spyware by connecting to a network of HijackThis professionals

Max Spyware Detector

Scans, Detects, Deletes Spyware, Malware giving you safe browsing experience

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