Related Windows Programs

D-Link Media Server

This panel consists of features that allow a user to add, delete shared folders.

.sol Editor

Sol Editor lets you open and create Macromedia Flash shared object files.

LAN Viewer

Synchronize shared files and folders automatically.

Shared Serial Ports

It ensures simultaneous,high-speed,bi-directional connection to RS232 port.


A free utility for scanning your network for shared resources.

Free IP Tools

A software solution that provides you useful network tools to manage your IP information.


Intranet Search allows any computer in the network to search for any shared file


ShareCrypt has been designed toencrypt shared network drives.

Shared Object Manager

It is an utility, which allows user to view or delete Flash player.

Shared Folder Protector

SFP is an advanced tool for networked environments protecting shared folders.

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