Related Windows Programs

Block Dude for PC

In Block Dude for PC you must get to the door at the end of each level.

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM

SafeDoXX for Safe EXIM is an easy-to-use Desktop Utilit


Patch the systems replacing uxtheme.dll to enable use of themes with non MS-signed visual styles.


EZNEC-ARRL is a special version of EZNEC v. 3.0 or EZNEC v. 4.0.

Chilkat Mail ActiveX

Best selling email ActiveX component with feature rich smtp client.


This tool creates self-signed test certificates for private use.


SSL Buddy enables you to secure your web sites and applications.

NGS Sniffer for MSN

Captures/Blocks MSN conversations on your LAN; Analyzes MSNP Protocol.

FileAssurity OpenPGP

Encrypt and digitally sign files, folders, emails. Securely delete them beyond recovery. Simple to

ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor

A hex editor with a scripting language. Hex, binary and decimal views.

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