Related Windows Programs

Windows Media Format SDK

A useful tool that provides developers access to the components of the Windows Media Format.


It can be used by programmers to create PDF files in their own applications.

Brother b-PAC3 SDK

It allows customized labels to be printed from within your own applications.

PCL to PDF Console Program

PCLTool SDK - Option III for Capturing / Converting PCL to PDF

RV-Media Jpeg2000 SDK

Jpeg2000 codec software development kit.

Citrix Endpoint Analysis SDK

The Citrix Endpoint Analysis Software Development Kit...


Software Development Kit for esd CAN-API hardware.

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows

It's a tool that provides documentation that help you Windows applications.

Bopup IM Client SDK

Build your own, integrate, extend existing apps with instant messaging functions.

Java Access Bridge

It helps the Windows based Assistive Technology to interact with the Java AAPI.

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