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Makes creating thumbnails simple and fast. Just point to the directory where your images are, set yo

PC Bug Cleaner

Are you getting annoying error messages repeatedly or feeling your computer is slow? If you answered

GPS Tracker Data Logger

With GPS tracker you can create a vehicle tracking system.

Skipjack Payment Plug-in

Simplify the process of accepting and managing payment data

Canada Theme Pack

It'sa fully integrated collection of graphics modules of all things Canadian.

LoanAmortizer Professional

Loan amortization and payment schedule preparation and printing application suitable for personal an

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

Trains cross southern Canada and the northern United States collecting food

My-Little-Mole™ Toolbar

Easy to use, no web blocking, no surfing interference.

Access America AgentMax

Permits email addresses in any top-level-domain, such as .info or .travel

Canadian Trees Screensaver

Canadian Trees Screensaver shows beautiful images of Canada.

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