Related Windows Programs

Remote Keyboard Server

Save time typing on your Android device with Remote Keyboard Server.

Ensoft Build-Master 2000

Is a complete package for RCC Building Analysis, Design, Drawing and Estimation

Forte Standard

Forte is the world's most intelligent music notation software.

MaXimus DVD

MaXimus DVD 1.2 is a free DVD player for Windows with added features.

Vehicle Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Proactively track all your car's vitals and maintenance history when on the go.

All Home Inventory

Keep track of the value and serial numbers of your possessions.

Note Wonder

Notes program combining the power of a PIM with the ease-of-use of Notepad.


C-Swing, the magnetic compass adjuster, easy to use and very effective.

Payment Book

Print payment coupons, deposit slips and pre-paid tickets.

PMTShoot - Power Management Trouble Shooter

Identify the program that is stopping your computer from entering in standby.

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