Related Windows Programs


It allows you to design low pass, high pass, and band pass filters.


RCKLog is a comprehensive logging program for SSB, CW and RTTY.

Resistor Colourcode Decoder

An electronic ready reckoner for decoding and coding resistor color bands.

Filter Solutions

It is designed for the synthesis and analysis of electronic filter circuits.

Rock Tour

Rock Tour is a tycoon game developed by Gabriel Entertainment.

W6NEK HF Beacon Tracker

It identifies which NCDXF/IARU DX beacon station is currently broadcasting.

Gel Quant Express

GelQuant Express is a Microsoft Windows application for analysis of 1D gels


A comprehensive, accurate and reliable generic OBD-II scanner and diagnostic tool.

R Color Code

A great tool that allows you to decrypt the color code of fixed resistors.


Provide a full range of analysis capabilities for many different applications.

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