Related Windows Programs

Clutter Cloak

Clutter Cloak is a simple anti-distraction program for Windows XP.


CrossHair draw two lines intersecting your mouse cursor, just pressing a hot key

KMD 250 Simulator

A tool developed to simulate the real KMD 250 Simulator device on your PC.


EZPrompt is the solution for prompt an occasional script.

Greatis Corners

One-Click Launcher.

Media Pointer 900BT - Remote Master

Great for business, school and project presentations.


A high visibility pointer useful for teaching, presentations and screencasts.

Instant ThumbView

Displays image thumbnails in a tooltip window next to the mouse pointer


Alarm monitor with many cameras, many watch areas, sending alarm photos by FTP

Invisible Viewer

Invisible Viewer is an add-on for Windows Explorer, designed to view digital images on your hard dis

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