Related Windows Programs

PC-ACE Pro32

PC-ACE Pro32 is a Windows 32-bit comprehensive claims management system.

Speedy Claims

Speedy Claims is a CMS 1500 insurance claim form program.

MediSoft Patient Accounting

It offers the tools you need to manage your physician practice.

SwitchComm Plus

The latest communications software used by QEDI practices.

UB-04 EDI Clearinghouse

Adds up charges automatically. Saves and loads claims to your hard drive.

CMS-1500 Software (Trial Version)

Great choice for submitting you paper claims fast and economically.


A comprehensive diagnosis tool to find and solve most performance problems.

Security Pack

The Microsoft WF Security Pack illustrate how to enable security scenarios

ThreatExpert Memory Scanner

it is from ThreatExpert looks to be really a thorough threat detection tool.


This utility scans and finds errors in the Windows registry.

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