Related Windows Programs

Sigma Magic

It is an Excel-based program designed for Lean process improvements.


FitTrack is a Healthy Values Calculator for Weight, BMI & Body Composition.


The eVSM software is the easiest way to visualize the value stream

Trial Bike Ultra

If you enjoy motorcycles and you like to overcome obstacles, this is your game!

Animated SnowFlakes Screensaver

Just watch the wonderful scenery of a quiet winter forest covered with snow.

A-PDF Text Extractor

This application aims to extract text from Adobe PDF files.


Xming-fonts is a component software of the Xming X Server.

General Knowledge Quiz

Do you think you know everything? If so, prove it with General Knowledge Quiz.


Xming-mesa is a public domain release for Xming X Server.

Lighthouse Lunacy

A twist story told through a game of puzzles and Mario-style platform jumping.

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